Monthly Archive: October 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Adoption Agencies.


Is it expensive to adopt a child through domestic adoption agencies ?

The cost of adoption varies from one agency to the other and from one country to another. However, some adoption agencies particularly domestic ones have set adoption costs relative to the income levels. This means that it is cheaper since such a cost will be considered tax deductible. In most cases, adoption costs range between $1000 up to $100000 depending on household income.
How long does adoption process take?

Depending on the paper work, adoption process no longer takes a long time. Previously, the entire process could take more than five years depending on the complexity of issues. But with the recent changes in the domestic adoption agencies, the whole process could take a maximum of two years. However, this may vary from one agency to the other.
How can you find the best domestic adoption agencies?

In the recent past, adoption process had become far out of reach due to increased costs of adoption and complexities surrounding adoption agencies like lack of transparency, increased costs of adoption and corruption.

However, today adoption is easier and very transparent. However, due to the increasing number of adoption agencies, finding a good adoption agency can be daunting and very hectic. This means that it is always prudent to consider the reputation of the adoption agency as well as the overall cost of adoption process. Doing this will definitely help you to find the best adoption agency that will help you through the entire process.

Are domestic adoption agencies legal?

Adoption agencies are supposed to be legal and meet certain statutory requirements. However, there are some illegal agencies that mushroom around with the intention of robbing clients of their money. This means that it is good to ascertain if the agency that you want to engage is licensed or not.