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The Many Benefits Of Minoxidil Products When It Comes To Hair Loss Prevention

hair-lossGradual thinning of hair and hair regrowth is one of the common reasons why people use minoxidil solutions. Many people have hair loss on top of their head. Under these conditions, a doctor recommends some form of minoxidil to cut down on hair loss and promote hair growth. There are so many generic manufacturers who make minoxidil in various forms such as sprays, liquid and foam.

You can choose whichever way you are comfortable with and use them to prevent hair loss. The product works almost similarly for both men and women. However, there are minoxidil men products that are available specifically for men. There has been a lot of discussion about the side effects of using minoxidil and website such as healthline.com has many articles dedicated towards this.

The science behind how minoxidil works for treating hair loss is still under research. No one can fully explain how it works or what it does. Many theories relate to the same. Minoxidil acts as a potassium channel opener that helps in transmission of ions using potassium. This changes the way the membrane of a cell behaves. This helps in hair growth and prevents hair loss also.

Another hypothesis is that it acts as a vasodilator that helps in broadening the blood vessels which opens up the potassium channels. For hair growth to happen, each hair follicle requires a supply of blood, oxygen and other nutrients. This is significantly possible with the vasodilator action of the minoxidil product. Before using minoxidil, the hair follicles are deprived of nutrition and they are weak. In the case of men, the male pattern baldness is because of the hormone called DHT. The hair follicles are covered with the hormone that it stops the blood flow and nutrients from entering the follicles for nourishment. Slowly, the hair follicle itself goes dormant and hair fall occurs.

Minoxidil can be considered as a hair growth vitalizer because of its ability to act as a potassium channel opener. It increases the blood flow to the hair using nutrients and oxygen which makes the follicles to absorb more nutrition that stimulates hair growth. Hair follicles that are in the rest phase are shed with the use of minoxidil. Shedding of dead follicles is an indication that the treatment is working well. The real hair gets replaced with thick hair growth because of the new follicles. As the treatment continues, hair growth becomes a natural phenomenon.

Applying the minoxidil solution plays a huge role in getting results. There are many methods for using the solution. To get best results, make sure that you wash your hair properly and use a towel to dry your hair and then apply the minoxidil either as a solution or as foam. The scalp is prone to oil and dirt. If you are using any products for styling your hair, washing the hair is important. A clean scalp ensures that the solution penetrates well and reaches the follicles. It’s okay if the hair is damp. As long as the scalp is dry, the solution can be applied.

If you experience hair loss and looking for a solution in three to four weeks, minoxidil is your best bet.